Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Matthias Schultze

After managing functions in Procurement, Marketing, IT and Sales in the financial and utility sector, Matthias has been in charge of the strategic purchase of services across the EnBW group since 2011. This covers an overall procurement volume of 300 to 400 Mio EUR (400 to 550 USD) per year.

In addition to his active membership in the advisory board of the "Marketing-Club Karlsruhe" and the business angel-network of the "CyberForum" (one of the biggest and most active high tech-company networks in Germany and Europe), Matthias is honorary member of the "Institute of Electronic Business" (Berlin), chairman of the "Web Excellence Forum e.V." as well as co-publisher and author of several specialized books, studies and papers amongst others "Corporate Knowledge", "Business Intelligence" and "Business Innovation Management".


From benchmark to action - Measuring "Web Excellence"