Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Kerry-Anne Gilowey

Kerry-Anne lives in Cape Town, South Africa, where she spends her days consulting to companies about content strategy, and her nights playing drums, listening to Pearl Jam, and learning French. (Regrettably, she has forgotten most of the German she learnt at university, but that won’t stop her from trying.)

She’s spoken at several UX and content strategy conferences in the US and UK, and was the head organiser of CS Forum 2012, which was held in her hometown.

Kerry-Anne has been working as a content strategist since 2009. Although she still loves a good content audit or style guide, she’s becoming increasingly fascinated with the intangible parts of the work – the politics, the constraints, the workflow, the people.



The People Puzzle: Making the Pieces Fit