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Clay Delk

Would Grandma care? - From empathy to relevance

Will Grandma Care? from cdelk

We content strategists talk a lot about empathy. Not far from my desk, there's a poster with a cute cartoon grandmother in glasses and shawl, accompanied by the question, "Will grandma understand?" But is that enough? Measuring the success of our work based solely on whether someone can read it misses the real value of empathy. We must communicate with grandma in a way she understands, but that's only the beginning. It's not just enough that she can read what I show her - she has to care.

Whether it's a button, a post, a search result, an email or an ad, the content we create must matter to to our audience, or they may never see anything from us again. If we use our content, not just to talk, but to provide value - useful information, human connections and, yes, even timely offers for our products - then we aren't just thinking about them, we're caring for them - and they might care for us.


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