Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Christian Riedel

The Storytelling Start-up - From Core-Story to Content Strategy

Storytelling Startup: From Core-Story to Content Strategy. from Christian Riedel

Developing a content strategy for a start-up isn't easy. You are completely new on the market. People don't know you. So why should they be interested in your content? On the other hand: Every start-up has a unique story at its core. An adventure story about heroes courageous enough to risk everything, fighting for their ideas and a better world. People love stories like this. During the workshop we will work hands on with the Core-Story Canvas, a tool to dig out a start-up’s core-story.

You will learn:

More information on the Core-Story Canvas and our template (in German) in this blogpost.


Christian Riedel