Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Theresa Grotendorst
Ute Klingelhöfer

The future is now - Content Strategy for Smart Content

Content Strategy for Smart Content from Theresa Grotendorst

Nowadays the digital universe is more complex than ever. The value of content lies no longer just in the content itself, but rather in the ability to provide a desired content experience - responding to the device, location and the personal needs of your audience. Content needs to be mobile, social and flexible, when and where your audience needs it most. What does this complexity mean for content and the way it is created, managed, and published? How to create adaptive content, which automatically adjusts to different environments and customers needs?

This talk highlights what is needed to execute a content strategy promoting smart content that pays off by making content meaningful to both users and machines. We will discuss a dynamic and personalised content publishing approach and provide you with an understanding of how to support smart content through structure, metadata and semantic technologies in order to create the best possible content experience.


Theresa Grotendorst, Projektwerft

Ute Klingelhöfer, contentwerk