Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Nico Brünjes

Managing long form and other techniques. How Editors and Developers can work together.

Anyone who wants to communicate content to readers today must not only deliver it to an increasingly broader and complex mass of devices, but the content itself also has to be presented in technically ever more ambitious and complicated ways. Although technical solutions exist for all these issues, they do not just simply need to be implemented, but require a major rethink on the part of editorial and technical teams.

Content production and editing as well as technical equipment and Web design are becoming increasingly integrated and increasingly interdependent. Nico Brünjes outlines these changes on the basis of longform projects at ZEIT ONLINE, including the special feature on the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France.

You can find the presentation of the workshop here.


  1. Introduction
  2. Longform, Snowfalling, Art Directed Blogging
    • Short historical outline with examples
    • "Snow Fall” at the New York Times, the catalyst
    • Longform projects at ZEIT ONLINE, an overview
    • Categorization of projects in technical and editorial terms current development
  3. Longform Technique
    • What is the difference between longform and normal operation?
    • Which techniques are used?
    • Longform narrative techniques
    • What is the difference between snowfalling and longform?
    • What can be considered longform?
    • Responsive Web design in longform
  4. Editors and Technicians
    • The old model: two worlds
    • What has changed?
    • Why is that so immanently important?
    • Interdisciplinary teams and programming journalists
    • Measuring success: clicks, length of stay, image
    • Marketing longform projects
  5. Looking into the Future
    • What will become/became of longform?
    • Lessons for further projects


Nico Brünjes, ZEIT ONLINE