Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Michael Domsalla

Heimat - getting deeper into the social content of the heart

Heimat, a german only word that is hard to translate but felt everywhere in the world. It describes an emotional identity of a group of people and it can be characterized trough their highest values: what is it, that keeps people together at a place they love? And please remember: every place is a construction of our brains. Saying this, culture is an emotional place too and can be „Heimat.“ Even brand is an emotional place. But „Heimat" is probably the most important of them all. Because it is a „desire that shines everyone into their childhood.“ (Ernst Bloch, german philosopher.)

Heimat moves people to defend what is invaluable. This is, where amazing content comes from: social values.

Case study:


Michael Domsalla, KMTO ::: Manufaktur Marke