Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Judith Denkmayr
Richard Hemmer

From Wastelands to Wuthering Heights – The Rocky Road to great Social Media Content

From Wastelands to Wuthering Heights from Digital Affairs

At the cusp of a new era of ephemeral self-destroying Snapchat pictures and soon-forgotten WhatsUp messages, we will look at the progression of content creation for the social web that led us there. As we move from the wastelands, mostly characterised by the odd PR-message and overly contrived calls to action, we will travel an uphill road, witnessing the struggle of companies to find their voice on the social web. At the end of our journey we will arrive at the current heights, where production of content is more professional than ever. But it’s windy at the top: competitors are right around the corner, trolls are lurking everywhere and the need to keep adapting your content is omnipresent.

Judith Denkmayr, Digital Affairs

Richard Hemmer, Digital Affairs