Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Cleve Gibbon

Digital Business 'Flash Forward - a journey through the Internet of Things'

There is nothing usual about business today. Digital is changing everything. Your customers are adapting in new and exciting ways. Are you ready? Desktops are dying, laptops awkward accessories, mobiles the essential norm, wearables the next big thing, and implants the adjacent future.

Let's face it: Business is not ready for the next wave of digital consumer. But they're already here. Follow me on a journey through the Internet of Things. Where we talk to our cars, fridges, and houses like we do as an old friend. Where machines learn to predict what we need based upon our past activities.

When we mix in the present context, we are only limited by our ideas to innovate. So what do we do next?


Cleve Gibbon, Cognifide