Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Jürgen Rösger

Empowering the client – Digital Marketing at E-Plus

The interaction and relationship between brands and their customers have changed dramatically in recent years. This development will continue in the future.

Brands will increasingly develop into intelligent networks in which active customers determine how they want to be addressed. This results in traffic relevant to customers, which is a strategic raw material in customer acquisition.

The traditional development of the share of voice to the fair share inevitably leads to a share of voice war, ending with dramatically higher CpOs (cost per orders). At the same time, traditional brand management with frequency through brand image and discount campaigns has run out of development potential.

Summary: Simply buying more traffic is no longer an option. Brands need to become a part of the ‘consumer network’ and be relevant.

For this reason, the E-Plus Group initiated, allowing it to make the switch from a purchaser of advertising time to a media producer.

What’s more, E-Plus offers its customers additional digital touch points that accompany them in their daily lives. Examples include our partnerships with WhatsApp, the music streaming service MTV Music powered by Rhapsody and the video-on-demand provider Watchever.


Jürgen Rösger, E-Plus Group