Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Ann Kristin Plüss
Stephan Fink

How does a medium-sized company manage the digital change and new ways of content marketing?

The Team of Hahnemühle, manufacturer of FineArt and highend technical papers, started it´s new digital change strategy two years ago. With 180 people the company is relatively small, but a Hidden Champion leading the FineArt market worldwide. With subsidiaries in France, UK, USA and China and distribution partners Hahnemühle covers more than 80 markets around the globe. The challenge has been and will be in the future the management of the growing needs concerning digital contents, adequate infrastructures and customer dialogue with limited resources. The recently (Nov 2013) relaunched web-infrastructure and the enhanced content strategy is a good showcase to illustrate the challenges and key points for failure and success within this ongoing change process.


Ann Kristin Plüss, Hahnemühle

Stephan Fink, Fink & Fuchs