Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Robert Stulle

Designing for Content

What do designers do? Make things look good. Well, yes - but more importantly they make things work.

Designers wield the mighty tools of visual communication and code to deliver magic. Not only can they produce what other trades struggle to achieve and are desperately in need of—overview, clarity & structure—designers also give content wings. They pave the way for stories and messages to reach the brains and the hearts of the audience.

The designers, coders, writers and communication experts at Edenspiekermann are driven by relevance, meaning and content. They have left the traditional waterfall process behind (first concept, then design, then technology, then content) and work with agile methods (work on design, content and technology all iteratively and at the same time) to create meaningful, smart and seductive brand experiences.

In his talk Robert explains his take on »designing for content«. He describes Edenspiekermann’s hands-on approach in projects, shows some recent work and shares insights and anecdotes from the agency perspective.


Robert Stulle, Edenspiekermann