Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Monica Rivera-Malpica

The customer experience you’re forgetting: Content Strategy for Customer Correspondence

Content Strategy for Customer Correspondence from monrivmal

30.000 customer interactions a day: numbers you can only dream of? When it comes to customer correspondence, these numbers are a reality.

Customer correspondence is the area of corporate communications that people like to forget. Let’s face it: nobody really wants to read contracts, bills, or bank statements, let alone deal with them. But this content has a massive and measurable impact on the customer experience.

Companies in industries that involve a lot of correspondence (finance, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, …) are facing real challenges in times of changing customer expectations:

Maybe your customers’ preferred communication channel is Twitter, but what if you’re required by law to send a contract in the mail?

How do you deliver personalized correspondence to a homogeneous audience on a variety of channels?

That’s where customer communications management comes in.

This talk offers a glimpse of content strategy from a customer communications management perspective, in hopes that the next time you develop a unified content strategy, you won’t forget this form of content.


Monica Rivera-Malpica, legodo ag