Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Angela Stengel

Publish-measure-learn-build: using content experiments to drive the digital design process

What can content strategists learn from the long-established areas of online: UX, design and development?

At Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC, we’re jumping in the deep end and launching a new classical music streaming service without a website. Why? Because we want to test what content resonates with our audience before committing to a build. We’ll be content-prototyping through tumblr, reaching people through Facebook and Twitter, and not spending a moment of the launch phase distracted by complex functionality. This is a social first approach and we’re hoping it will grab us a new audience rather than cannibalising the existing ABC audience. This talk is about finding ways to follow an editorial hunch in a strategic and measurable way, using techniques our friends in user experience have been using for a long time.


Angela Stengel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation