Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Christiaan W. Lustig

You can’t break down silos, but you can connect them

You can’t break down silos, but you can connect them from Christiaan Lustig

As online professionals you want to break down organisational silos. But it’s not going to work. Not if you keep talking about “content”, and keep mistaking “strategy” for tactics and operations. Besides, if you did succeed, you’d end up with one big, inflexible and non-scalable silo.

Organisational processes are there for good reasons, anyway. But still, more often than not they get in the way of your customers. That’s why your organisation — be it commercial, government or non-profit — should rigorously prioritise your customer’s process over your own. But how?

Identify what your customer’s top tasks are, and continuously optimise their related (online and offline) processes. This enables cross-silo teams to work on a common goal, resulting in better products and services, happier customers, and higher revenues and/or lower costs.

And you’ll be able to show management that you did that.


Christiaan W. Lustig, Sabel Online