Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July


Jörg Leupold

Changing Patterns in Brand Communications: From Corporate to Cultural Context

Brands have a blind spot. They originate from a strong corporate culture and are managed through a hierarchical system. They are the role-model of the benevolent dictator. Thus, when talking to customers, brands invade the customers’ world, and for the last hundred years customers (and employees) have been willing to trade their identity for the identity offering of the brand. Now, with the oncoming digitalisation, customers re-identify themselves, and become aware that they live in different cultural contexts than brands think they do.

A result of this: Brands are in danger to alienate themselves from their most relevant stakeholder – customers and employees.

If brands want to be taken seriously and play a role in the cultural context of their stakeholders, they have to act from within the cultural context. They, too, have to re-identify themselves to become relevant and trustworthy again.

In my talk I will illustrate a process which helps brands to understand the cultural context of their stakeholders and develop communication strategies and ideas with a cultural standing.


Jörg Leupold