Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July

I want to speak

Whom are we looking for?

You want to share your insights from a content strategy or marketing project? Or radically question the industry lingo on content and develop new thoughts on digital communication? Or talk about a personal experience from your professional life that inspired you and might inspire others? Whichever angle you take on content and communication, you are very welcome to send us your proposal.

We are especially interested in content strategy projects for non-profit and non-governmental organisations. They have a very specific view on using content as a business asset, and we would like to learn more about this. In order to encourage speakers from this field we are planning to set up a special conference track named Content Strategy for a Cause. This will be a sponsored program, and as soon as we have secured the funding, we will give more details in our blog.

Content Connects

Content Connects is our leitmotif and leading thought for the conference. As an interdisciplinary future lab we are looking for real life projects and visionary thoughts from editorial, design, and technology, linked to business strategy and management. We want to learn from you how you collaborate with other disciplines and help enterprises, organisations and institutions to solve their business challenges in the digital age.

Whether you're a writer, designer, developer, or manager in marketing, communications, user experience, or IT - we want to hear your story!

We have structured the program as follows: On 2 July we will put an emphasis on the challenges we are facing in the digital age, on 3 July we focus on visions for the future. Your proposal should therefore address these subjects as shown in the following matrix.


Type of presentation

We will have talks and interactive sessions. You can present alone or together with a colleague. Slots will be 20 or 40 minutes, including time for questions from the audience. Please indicate which type of presentation and which length you prefer when submitting.

Inclusion and Diversity

The content strategy community has always been keen on including professionals who are under-represented at conferences. We believe that in the globalised world, diversity is an extremely valuable asset. So if you know someone who has not spoken on conferences but to your judgement could make a valuable contribution, please encourage her or him to submit a proposal.


You have never spoken before? Don't be afraid to come forward. We are looking for fresh - not necessarily young - talent and encourage you to submit your proposal. Still insecure? Check out these brilliant tips for public speaking by Zach Holman and you'll be just fine. Promised.

How we decide?

We will have at least 10 speaking opportunities reserved for participants in the call for speakers. Once you have submitted your proposal we will thoroughly review it against a set of criteria to ensure a high-quality and diverse speaker line-up:

Does your talk address a relevant issue for the audience and does it give them a deeper insight in a real life content strategy case?
What is the take-away from your talk and how well can participants transfer insights into their professional environment?
Does your talk offer a new and surprising perspective?
We want to achieve a well-balanced composition of speakers from enterprises, organisations, institutions, and agencies/freelancers.

Dates and Deadlines

Please submit your proposal via this form no later than Sunday 16 March 2014, midnight Central European Time. We will let you know whether we can put you in the program by Monday 14 April 2014.

If we can offer you a speaking assignment be ready to provide your final presentation by Friday 27 June 2014 (this is the dead-dead-line). We will get in touch with you way before that regarding a formal speaker agreement and technical requirements.

Book or wait?

If you're absolutely sure you want to join us in Frankfurt, don't hesitate to register as early as possible. If we decide to have you on the program, we will refund your ticket.

What will be your benefits?

When presenting at CSF2014, you're not only in it for 15 minutes of fame, right? So if we can offer you a speaking assignment you will also receive:

+ a free conference pass
+ a 20 per cent discount on the workshops
+ a special hotel rate
+ your talk on video

Who is in already?

Our speakers and workshop hosts represent a multitude of professional backgrounds. Come back regularly to check who has joined the line-up of CSF2014.

Dirk Baecker Zeppelin University
Rahel Bailie Intentional Design
Margot Bloomstein Appropriate, Inc.
Clay Delk Facebook
Judith Denkmayr Digital Affairs
Klaus Eck Eck Consulting Group
Doris Eichmeier Eck Consulting Group
Raphaela Fellin IBM Deutschland
Cleve Gibbon Cognifide
Uwe Knaus Daimler AG
Thomas Pleil University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
Brigitte Alice Radl FH JOANNEUM
Leisa Reichelt Government Digital Service
Frida Roberts Swedish Institute
Silvia Schäfer Nestlé Deutschland AG
Heinz Wittenbrink FH JOANNEUM
Ansgar Zerfass University Leipzig