Content Strategy Forum Conference 2014 Frankfurt, 1-3 July

Inclusive and accessible

The Content Strategy community has always put a focus on inclusion and accessibility. The workshop and conference venues are accessible for wheel chairs. Please let us know if you have specific access requirements (e.g., wheelchair access, support for hearing impairments) during registration or contact us in advance, so we can prepare the venues accordingly. Depending on the requirements of the participants and availability of funding, we strive to offer appropriate translation services for people with hearing impairments.

This website tries to be as accessible as possible for the widest range of needs and devices. We started out with a plain HTML approach, making sure we use the proper markup elements to describe the content and the functionality. That includes lots of HTML5 plus the occasional sprinkle of ARIA attributes to support assistive technologies such as screenreaders for vision-impaired users.

Then we added the visual look & feel using a mobile-first approach, making sure that the message comes across on even the smallest screens and is usable with all kinds of input methods. We put a lot of emphasis on readability and sufficient contrast.

If this site isn't working with your assistive technology please send us a brief description of your setup (e.g. which version of which browser with which screenreader), we'll do our best to fix it. Though we can't guarantee – assistive technologies and browsers have bugs, too. But we'll try, promised.


Q: The site isn't working in IE6?

A: Yes.